Students Protest Lack of LEED

Norwalk Community College photo
Students at Norwalk Community College in Connecticut are complaining that the new Mitchell-Giurgola designed Health and Science Center "isn't green enough."

The architects "think" that the project could be LEED certified (you can get the lowest level pretty easily) and the College President says budget conditions prevented them from submitting a LEED application. "We really have designed something that is sustainable," he told the Stamford Advocate. "I feel convinced that we have done the best we have under the current constraints."

Right. Then prove it. GreenbuildingsNYC writes "The tension between [sic] time, money, and sustainability is a constant battle that we see playing out in the green/LEED context." It is great to see students rallying and making an issue of it. One can whine about LEED being a pain, but it is the only credible currency when people say "Show us the green."