Students Create An Upcycling Blog, and Need Your Ideas


All Images Courtesy of Magdalena Akantisz & Lisa Schultz

At TreeHugger, we've written about tons of examples of great upcycling, from candy wrappers that become wallets to broken zippers reincarnated as funky jewelry. Now, two Austrian students who are as passionate as we are about upcycling have created a blog that will feature one product made from discarded materials, per day. And they need your help to keep it going.


Magdalena Akantisz and Lisa Schultz are students at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna with a focus on upcycling. Their final project, called 30 Days, 30 Things, is currently on Day 7 of 30. So far, it's featured some cool stuff: desk organizers made from old tape cases, a lamp made from toffee containers, a drawing tube made from plastic bottles. The projects are all on the simple side, but that's the point: this is a DIY blog.

But for Akantisz and Schultz, 30 days is a minimum; their real goal is to keep the blog going as long as possible. And that's where you come in: they've launched a call to all upcyclers to submit their creations. For every submission, the blog will run at least one more day. "Find trash," they say, "be creative and post your master pieces." So what are you waiting for?

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