Stuart Tanner Architects: Tasmanian Sustainable Design


Stuart Tanner Architects say that "The sustainable capability of our architecture is an integral component of any design that we undertake and the impact of a particular project is considered as a combination of factors, such as scale, influence over its site and greater context, in additon to its passive heating and cooling ability. We view contemporary architecture as the pivotal ingredient to a rich environmental culture and a vitally important aspect of a future sustainable society." At TreeHugger we get a lot of flak every time we show a second home in the country, but that fact is that they are the incubators of innovation, the outlet for sophisticated clients to enable innovative young architects to try new things. In Tasmania, Stuart has built a home on Pirate's Bay that barely touches the ground, "a suspended cantilever that a platform from which to observe the grandeur of Pirates Bay, and pay homage to the eucalypt forest that fringes the site." ::Stuart Tanner via ::Mocoloco