Stuart Haygarth is Back


Stuart Haygarth is back, this time in Selfridges' (department store) window. Haygarth is the ubiquitous artist who makes chandeliers and creations out of found objects such as eye glass lenses, water bottles and truck tail lights. Many are gathered from the sea near where he lives in Dungeness, England.

The latest pieces were commissioned by the store for their new boutique called "The Wonder Room, Concept Store", for people with too much money.

Harpoon 321 (pictured) is made up of bright orange fishermen's rubber gloves found on the beach. Some are signed with the men's name. Others are dirty and covered with tar whilst others seem to have bits of shell stuck to them. The chandeliers are £10,000 each, with 10% off if you buy two.

Barnacle (Black) consists of all black found objects. It looks like a car motor and even has a lost rubber sandal embedded in it.


Barnacle (White): looking closely one can see badminton birdies, guns, toilet brushes, scrub brushes and bottles embedded in the body of the work.
:: Stuart Haygarth at :: Selfridges

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