Streets Are For Vegetables (and People)


San Francisco's Tenderloin National Forest

Where we live, the bylaws say that residential units need parking spaces, but to discourage car use, the city has been dropping the ratio of spaces to units. The result- more cars fighting over street spaces. TreeHugger writer emeritus Ruben Anderson notes that this may not have worked out as well as planned, as the streets are now filled with cars. He notes that if drivers had to pay for their street parking all over town the real cost might be as high as six hundred dollars a month, and suggests that taxpayers money might be put to better use- growing vegetables.

"Imagine your own block stuffed with flowers and vegetables. Big sprays of lupins, colourful mats of marigolds, nodding rows of poppies. The big white blossoms of pumpkin changing to the shiny orange of jack-o'-lanterns-to-be. Fat, red Early Girl tomatoes alongside the sweet Gold Nugget grape tomatoes." His rallying cry:

"A garden plot -- not a parking spot -- for every citizen!" ::Tyee and ::Alternet

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