Strawbale Hexagonal House


Kelly and Masoko Neville’s house, in Cambridgeshire, is on stilts so its less prone to flooding (something the UK has recently been very much re-acquainted with). It is of hexagonal shape, so the focus swings around the central staircase sculptured from an 800 year old oak tree trunk. The walls are insulated with strawbales, rendered on the exterior with a lime finish. This quite quirky house (the pic here shows the one piece sculptured glass bath) was designed to be made by one human and one tractor. And while certain elements of it might not meet with our boss’s strong modern+green aesthetic, we are sure he’d be please to learn that the owners plan to recycle the house’s waste and grow their own food. The building itself ended up costing the couple £100,000 (~ $203,000 USD) to build from scratch. It was showcased on Channel 4’s Grand Designs TV show, which we last mentioned for a prefab home. The program has had a few other ‘eco’ homes in the current series. See them here > ::Grand Designs.