Strawbale Chicken Coop Demonstrates Simplicity of Good Design

strawbale chicken coop photoFlashtoons/Video screen capture

Permaculture (and any good ecological design) is all about making connections between different elements in a design. (The classic bird feeder bread board being a great illustrative example of such thinking.)

This strawbale chicken coop is another case in point. Highly insulated, with bedding available just where you need it—and a watering system that automatically provides rainwater to the chickens on demand. The positioning of the coop is carefully planned too, ensuring that excess runoff goes down to feed fruit trees on the slope below.

From urbanite hipster coops to Williams Sonoma's $1300 offering, we've seen plenty of chicken coop designs in our time. This one might just be my favorite so far. It's not pretty, or funky. It is simply designed to work.

Strawbale Chicken Coop Demonstrates Simplicity of Good Design
From insulated strawbale walls to an automatic, rainwater-fed watering system, this coop is both smart and surprisingly simple at the same time.

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