Strange Stairs


Earlier this year all the internets were showing a stairway with storage built into it; Here are more innovative designs via Deputy Dog. Staggered stairs are usually found in industrial spaces, but gabriella gustafson and mattias ståhlbom have built this stunning one. It looks dangerous but they are really quite comfortable and safe, with twice the rise for the same run, so they are very efficient for small spaces. However they don't usually look this good.


'multi-millionnaire scott jones decided to splash his cash on a spiral staircase-slide and instantly made a lot of people jealous. local craftsman rodney miller was called upon to create this 17 ft mahogany toy, a job which took a whopping 15 months to finish. the slide also includes fibre-optic lights which can change to 8 different colours." More on his lovely house here.

This stair, somewhere in the Ginza, plays music as you climb. Then of course there is Aaron Tang's wall stairs, another carved out of a single tree and more at ::Deputy Dog.

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