Storm-Felled Branches Are Recycled into Hand-Made Lamps

All Images Courtesy of TOUCH Concept Store

Since 2004, designer Megan Finkel has been wandering along beaches and rivers after large storms, picking up broken branches and hauling them home. There she goes to work, stripping the bark, sanding the wood and adding a layer of oil-based paint for color. Once the lightbulb is in place, the result is one of the more original and striking designs I've seen in a while: lamps that stand on reclaimed tree branches.finkel-lamp-4.jpg

Finkel's design helps prove that you can make just about anything out of anything. It ranks among the cooler lamps featured on TreeHugger, with the likes of lighting made from aviator sunglasses, plants, and tea cups.

If you're lucky enough to live in New York, you can check out Finkel's handcrafted creations for yourself. They're on sale at the TOUCH Concept Store, a project of Trendland Online Magazine. So to take a look, head to Rivington Design House, at 129 Rivington Street in Manhattan. And if you're not near the Big Apple, don't worry; the lamps are available online as well.

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