Store your suits, nine watches and your 12 year old scotch in a tiny perfect steamer trunk

globe trotter steamer trunk
© Globe-trotter and chivas

We at TreeHugger are always looking for the latest in small space living, and have always believed that there is much to learn from designs for camping and traveling. That's why I am so impressed with this steamer trunk made by Globe-Trotter for Chivas that not only would look beautiful in any tiny apartment, but is extremely practical. According to Chivas,

Featuring the bespoke burgundy fibreboard, American white oak from oak casks and a hand engraved copper plaque made from a retired Scotch whisky stills, the steamer trunk also comes with specially created compartments for shoes, a drawer to hold up to nine watches, oak hangers to hold pristine suits and a beautifully crafted mini bar with mirrored back, perfect for serving Chivas Regal.

According to a lux website, Globe-Trotter made suitcases for Captain Robert Falcon Scott "on the infamous Antarctic expedition in 1912." This is not good marketing; according to Roland Huntford in Scott and Amundsen, one of the problems Scott had was that he packed so badly. They couldn't open packages with their frostbitten hands and spent far too much time searching for things.

But nonetheless, this would be very effective in a tiny warm apartment; I never know where to put my nine watches. Too bad that at £12,000 (US$ 18,173) it costs as much as a tiny house.

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