Stop The Walking and Texting Carnage; Practice Safe Text


TreeHugger has discussed the danger of using electronics while walking or biking; we like to encourage people to walk or ride and to do it as safely as possible. In London, a study found that one in ten cellphone users has hurt themselves by walking into things while texting; the Daily Express says six million Britons were injured last year. To prevent this, The charity Living Streets and directory service 118118 are testing the padding of lamposts and signs to stop the carnage. Geekologie is not impressed: "Next they're going to start padding cars. I say screw the padding, add sharp spikes to the poles. If you can't manage to look where you're walking then you deserve to lose all that blood." They suggest that perhaps an automatic message could be broadcast from each pole. Video displaying the tragic scale of this growing urban problem below. ::Engadget

The Daily Express writes:

Research among 1,055 adults discovered that 63 per cent concentrate so hard when they are texting that they become "blind" to objects around them.

Mobile phone users are now being advised to use template messages to speed up texting and look up every five seconds to avoid hazards.

In light of the growing injury toll, one in four of those questioned by directory service 118118 said they would support "mobile lanes" on pavements.

These vividly-coloured routes would act like cycle lanes and skirt round danger spots.

Nearly half would also back precautions such as protective pads on lamp posts to protect texting pedestrians.

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