Stop Signs Turned Into Giant Flowers!

flowersigns mark jenkins photo

Photo: Mark Jenkins
And Now For Something on the Lighter Side...
The urban landscape can be depressing... But that's what guerilla artists are for! Our cities, where most of humanity now lives, should be vibrant and alive and colorful, not drab successions of near-identical streets. There should be limits to what can be done (safety, destruction of property), but some spaces should be left open to artistic expression if cities are to be more livable. Authorities should actually encourage it, like Toronto's bike rack design competition. Mark Jenkins has done a lot of "city" work, most of it designed to bring a smile (or a "WTF?") from passerbys. The piece pictured above is the Flowersign, of which Jenkins makes a miniature version (also picture above). You can see more of his work here and see what pieces he's selling here. Via Mark Jenkins, BoingBoing