Stone Speakers From Audiomasons: Can They Really Be "20,000% More Sustainable"?

stone speaker audiomasons

Image Credit Audiomasons

The website from Audiomasons makes some remarkable claims for their stone speakers speakers:

In addition to being one of the most sustainable materials on the planet, solid stone has unique acoustic properties that provides an audio experience of unmatched fidelity. Each pair of our speakers are unique masterpieces produced by our dedicated craftspeople, are up to 20,000% more sustainable than conventional equivalents, and are platinum level LEED-qualified.

20,000%, that's a lot. How do they get that?


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It appears that you get that if you are comparing stone speakers to virgin cast aluminum. I do not ever recall seeing cast aluminum speaker cabinets but they may well exist. However most speakers sold today are in wooden boxes, which are not quite so bad. They also say:

Our stone housings also do not use, produce, or release any harmful chemicals during their life cycle. This is in contrast to the vast amounts of energy and often harmful chemical agents used to process treated wood, wood products, metals, and synthetic composites used by the majority of industrial manufacturing operations.

But stone has to be cut, usually with a gas-powered saw. It has to be carried, and is a lot heavier. And products like speakers are not "platinum level LEED-qualified."

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These speakers may well sound terrific, although from my hi-fi days I always thought that the resonance of the enclosure was a big part of good sound, that's why speakers were in a box in the first place. They are made with local materials by local craftspeople, which is lovely. But I do get turned off by claims like "20,000% more sustainable and platinum level LEED-qualified"; they are meaningless.

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