Sticks and Stones: Northeast Natural Building Colloquium

Those of you looking to build a house, shed, or addition, but who might have been discouraged from green approaches like straw-bale and rammed earth, may have wished that there was a "This Old House" for you. Well, if you live in the Bath, New York area, you've got the next best thing. From June 25 until July 2, The Northeast Regional Natural Building Colloquium promises to make you all into little green Bob Vilas and Norm Abrams. Or something like that...The meeting will take place on The Peaceweavers beautiful 250 acre retreat, residential area, and wildlife sanctuary in Bath NY. More than 30 of the foremost designers, builders, educators specializing in everything from passive solar heating to dry-stone construction will lead demonstrations and seminars in an effort to broaden the public's view of sustainable housing. Of particular interest are classes on how to deal with bureaucratic regulations and zoning laws, as well as live demos of actual structures being built.

The Star-Gazette has a very informative story, with schedule, as does the Peaceweaver weblog. :: Northeast Natural Building Colloquium