Steven Johnson's transformer chair turns into a rowing machine

Johnson rowing machine
© Steven M. Johnson

Exercise equipment takes up a lot of space in a home; I miss my Concept II rowing machine but there was simply no room after the downsizing for it. That's why I want this chair designed by Steven M. Johnson with a rowing machine built right in. Johnson notes in Facebook that if he was designing it today there would be a flat screen TV mounted in the underside of the seat that you could watch while you rowed. He also proposes a removable towel backing that would be nice.

It's not the first transformer gym furniture we have shown on TreeHugger; There's Darryl Agawin's clever No Sweat! line of workout furniture that doesn't hide in a sofa.

Students Batia Bertho, Marjorie Broudieu and Salomé Le Lay designed an entire living room suite that can turn into a gym.

Home Fitness© Lucie Koldova

My favorite remains the furniture designed by Lucie Koldova. I noted:

It is really a completely different approach to design, a simple modification of every-day things to make them serve multiple functions. What a refreshing way of looking at things.

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Steven Johnson's transformer chair turns into a rowing machine
I could use this right now.

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