Steve Mouzon on The Top Ten for 2010


Steve Mouzon by Lloyd Alter at Greenbuild 2009

Steve Mouzon is a New Urbanist architect who understands old buildings and explains them well on the Original Green. He comes up with his trends for 2010, but they really should be considered trends for the decade- this isn't short term stuff. Some of his more interesting predictions:

The Offshoring Reversal "Turn your head and look around the room. Most of the things you're looking at have traveled thousands of miles to get to you." Mouzon sees a return to local manufacture.

TreeHugger on Localization:

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401 richmond toronto green building photo

Can Heritage Buildings Be Called Green?

The Sustainability of Preservation
"how can we say that we're being green if we keep throwing buildings away?"

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green gizmo home

GE Introduces Green Gizmo Home
Gizmo Green Gets Exposed What works? "Natural green measures, like passive heating & cooling, daylighting, etc. You know, they stuff that has always worked, since long before the Thermostat Age."

TreeHugger on Green Gizmo Architecture:

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victory garden

Victory Gardens: War on Waste
The Return of the Garden "But this won't be your grandmother's garden. Rather, it'll be full-blown Agricultural Urbanism, with everything from good-neighbor Employing Farms that can nestle tightly around cities, towns, and villages, all the way down to window gardens"

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And perhaps the most important, what Mouzon calls

The Big Convergence:

Three world-changing trends that need no introduction are converging right now....They are the Meltdown, Peak Oil, and Climate Change. The Meltdown has seared our consciousness like no economic event since the Great Depression. Peak Oil was once hotly debated, but now the evidence is mounting that we're running out. And Climate Change is still debated, but not ignored. Any one of these three should be a warning that we need to change, but all three emerging at once make it clear that we have some serious adapting to do. There's a lot of hand-wringing over all this, but I believe that if we take these things seriously in 2010 and adapt in an intelligent way, it could lead to the next Golden Age... something that would have been impossible in our previous sprawling, over-consuming, debt-ridden condition.

Good reading at The Original Green

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