Steve Jobs Unveils New 'Mothership' Apple HQ

Biodiesel Shuttle Buses, Less Asphalt, More Trees, Off-Grid (But Natural Gas)
Steve Jobs was recently in front of the Cupertino city council to present Apple's plans for a new headquarter building. I find it really elegant and beautiful from an architectural point of view, showing that simplicity is often best. But it is also interesting from a green point of view: It'll reduce the amount of asphalt on the property by 90%, increase the number of trees by 60% and the amount of landscape by 350%, and all of this while reducing the actual building footprint by 30%. It's also going to be off-grid, generating it's own power and using the grid as a backup, but that electricity will be produced with natural gas, according to what Steve said in the presentation. Hopefully they'll also incorporate renewables into the mix (or get biogas from a landfill or something)... It would make a great building even better. Via Techcrunch, See also: How Green is Apple's iCloud?, Norman Foster To Design Apple City In Cupertino

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