Stephen Holl's Linked Hybrid

Steven Holl's Linked Hybrid in Beijing has green roofs, 600 wells for geothermal heating and cooling, recycled gray water pond, and is just a very neat building. (see Alex's earlier post here) He says "The aspiration of the developer Modern Group is for an ultra-modern expression of 21st Century ecological urban living. Current development in Beijing is almost entirely "object" and free standing towers. This "city within a city" envisions urban space—as well as all the activities that can support the daily life of over 2500 inhabitants." Very cool videos.

Garden of Mounds , five landscape mounds with recreational activities, have been formed with the earth excavated from the new construction.
The new park is a semi-public space while the use of the integrated functions is electronically controlled by the resident's cards.
1. The Mound of Childhood is a fenced in area adjacent to and integrated with a kindergarten.
2.The Mound of Adolescence has a Basket Ball Court, a Roller Blade and Skate Board Area a Music and TV Lounge
3.The Mound of Middle Age has a Coffee and Tea House, a Tai Chi Platform and two Tennis Courts.
4.TheMound of Old Age has Chess Tables, a Reading Lounge, a Tai Chi Platform and an Exercise Machines Park
5.The Mound of Infinity is a Meditation Place with ã5 Elementsä Pavilions: Earth, Wood, Metal, Fire and Water.


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