Steampunk Worthy Furniture Made From Naval Mines (Photos)

mati karmin mine furniture photoPhotos: Mati Karmin

If you're into the steampunk aesthetic, these inventive furniture pieces made out of naval mines may be just the ticket for you. Created by esteemed Estonian sculptor Mati Karmin, the sea mines are found off the coast of Estonia and transformed into eye-catching swings, charcoal grills, aquariums and armchairs.mati karmin mine furniture photo

Here's the info on these formerly destructive weapons for military buffs according to Mati Karmin's website:

The frame of the artpieces is a historical deep-sea mine of AGSB-type, made in Russia in 1942. It was a big galvanic deep-sea mine, equipped with "Blok" device and two contact electro-magnetic antennas. The upper antenna was kept steady by a buoy. The mine was used to fight submarines. It was still manufactured in the 50-ies.

The measures of the original mine are: diameter: 875 mm, weight: 1140 kg, Explosive charge: 240 kg.

mati karmin mine furniture photo
mati karmin mine furniture photo

Dubbing his pieces "mine furniture", Karmin's unique work began five years ago when exploring the once-inaccessible border and coastal zone of northern Estonia that was chock full of corroded mine shells. Fascinated with experimenting with the various forms and possibilities of using these discarded modules, Karmin has created a unique collection of work that explores the history of Estonia while making functional furniture.

mati karmin mine furniture photo
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