Starlightz: Earth Friendly Lighting for the Star in Everyone


Combining a variety of shapes, colors, patterns, and materials, "Starlightz" by Earth Friendly are a fun, versatile way to bring some star light into your home. Silk-screened by hand on chlorine-free, wood-free paper -- they use cotton fibers -- and packed flat into an envelope for shipping (which we love), each pendant and lamp is unique, thanks to the hand-made construction.

There's a huge variety of prints and colors here, so whether you're in to modern prints or ethnic patterns, black or white, monochrome or multi-colored, there's a combination that'll (star) light up your life; just don't forget to drop a compact fluorescent light bulb in there. See lots more at Artecnica and check out more pics below the fold. ::Earth Friendly via ::Green Design Girl



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