Star Wars Stormtrooper Helmet Crafted Out of Adidas Shoes

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Do you have an old pair of sneakers you never wear? Are you a Star Wars fan? If you said yes to these two questions, then do we have a craft project for you! Take a page from craftster/blogger Freehand Profit who has created a storm trooper helmet out of Adidas shoes.The helmet is part of the Star Wars Remix Project. As Technabob explains, "StarWarsRemix is a collaboration between Noah and Mica Scalin, Emma Beddows, and Scott Walker. The goal is to make Star Wars characters, things or vehicles out of everyday objects. It's a pretty cool idea, and anyone can submit their projects. Freehand Profit is the guy behind the MASK365 project."

And Freehand Profit went with shoes.

star wars helmet photo

The artist writes, " In the spirit of the numerous sneaker gas masks from the Branding Wars/MASK365 I chose to create a stormtrooper helmet made from the exclusive Adidas X Star Wars Superskate Mids. This was the first piece that required more than one pair of shoes to create and it gave me hell. I pushed through and couldn't be happier with the result."

star wars helmet photo

We love the craftiness that went into Freehand Profit's design, turning something common into something completely unusual. The idea of creating something so interesting out of a pair of sneakers is really interesting and we're already mulling over what else old shoes can be upcycled into. While this project looks like it used new shoes, we of course encourage you to get creative with what is already in the recesses of your closet -- or what might be on the shelves of a local thrift shop -- if you want to create something similar. And we also encourage you to check out Star Wars Remix for other awesome ways everyday objects have been transformed. It just helps to underscore the idea that there's no such thing as trash -- just mislabeled raw materials.

star wars helmet photo

The helmet is on sale at eBay right now, and has one day left for bids. The current bid is already over $1,000 (the reserve price is $1,200) and we're guessing it is going to turn a shiny penny before bidding is closed.

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