Stands for Change Design: The Hinge for iPad

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Prototypes for foldable iPad holder by Stands for Change. Photo courtesy of William Tang

At a Sustainability Summit in Los Angeles this week, I listened to a report about a Multifamily Rooftop Solar Project and took notes. (I'll report further on it and the conference this weekend). The social equity of the solar project impressed me but so did a simple little gizmo the guy next to me had attached to his iPad, angled easily for viewing in his lap. He typed notes, too, and I felt pretty old-school with my recycled notepad. At the break, he folded the gizmo with a snap and an explanation. The clever and stylish device is called Hinge for iPad and William Tang, the designer, showed me the Kickstarter page where it's currently being offered as part of a crowd-sourced fundraising campaign while awaiting production. Potential buyers can help launch his invention, which all began as an Art Center school project. Pledge as little as $1 to support "elegant responsible design," $25 or more gets you one or more versions of the Hinge, and the top level provides a limited Wineskin edition, handcrafted from reclaimed wine oak.

upright folded hinge image

Simple and elegant, upright and folded "Crystalline Hinge" holder for iPad.

The Hinge is designed with minimal parts and securely hugs the edges of the iPad, adjusting up and down to any angle - for typing on your lap or an upright position for reading, viewing or "FaceTime conversation." The Classic Hinge is made with sustainably harvested birch and a hidden magnetic latch to keep it closed and compact when not in use. The Crystalline Hinge version is produced from recycled polypropylene. Per the description:

"Well-designed products should not only look good and function well, but also be health and environmentally conscious. The design process of Hinge for iPad included a Life Cycle Assessment to identify and reduce harmful impacts from raw material extraction and manufacturing to usage and end-of-life."

It's the first offering on Tang's website, Stands for Change, "Simple Products for Social Change." Developed in collaboration with Peter Lee, the designer is exploring how collaborative communities can create sustainable social impact. He's also co-founded a startup that builds simple health management tools, such as apps to connect chronic disease patients.

Simple yet elegantly designed, it's inspired me to consider getting an iPad, which a cobbled-together holder did not, but time is ticking. His Kickstarter deal is available for 16 more days.

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