Standing Desk Workstation by Ursula Maier Has The Works in a Drawer

standing-desk-workstation-ergonomic-laptop-tower-ursula-maier photo

One of the virtues of standing desks is that they can take up a lot less space. Here is a neat tower that gives you a place to store your notebook, but also has all kinds of storage and features including a printer drawer, sockets and plugs for projectors and accessories and even a sound system.


It is designed by Sarah Maier of Ursula Maier, primarily for office use but it would be great for those living in small spaces.


Perhaps the mouse pad and the work surface could be a bit larger; maybe with a flip top or pull out work surface. Ursula Maier is quoted in House Automator:

Functioning as a laptop stand and a place to read write, or deliver business presentations from, the LT flexibly suits your needs. Due to its user-friendly capabilities, the desk can be adjusted to fit your reading posture. It comes with a lighted, pull-out laptop shelf with a mouse-pad, four shelves, and sockets to accommodate small printers and projectors. And, the LT receives its electricity from a single transparent cable that won't cause clutter.

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