This standing desk doesn't stand still; it is as portable as your laptop

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We have been writing about standing for so long, that, to be honest, we got bored about writing about standing desks. In fact, last year I wrote that the future was no desk- " that the whole idea of a fixed spot for working is over. Your desk is where you are."

It didn't quite work out that way; I tend to keep my computer on my standing desk most of the time because it is the right height for me. It is fixed in one spot, and therefore so am I.

The Plunk Desk changes all that. It is a standing (or sitting) desk that is as portable as your computer. Designer Erin Strater designed it to be "perfect to use either as your primary desk or in combination with your home and work desks." So if you have a nice-looking conventional desk, you don't have to put one of those clunky risers on top; you can just stand beside it with this elegant unit. Or if you want to move about the house or hit the road, you can take it with you. (There is a lovely custom bag and carrier available.) Erin explains:

I felt frustrated by the desks that were available. I knew the health implications of sitting for hours on end, and that was a factor, but I didn't just want a standing desk. I felt our computers were rapidly becoming lighter, faster and more portable, while our desks remained the same.

With desktop real estate in such short supply, the curving front seems an odd move. Erin tells us that she didn't want the desk to look just like a board on a stand, that she wanted it to be comfortable to approach and to be easy on the wrists. However it is also about the aesthetics; she is a big fan of mid-century molded plywood design.

It seems expensive at $495 ($100 less on Kickstarter) but that is the price you often pay for local production:

The prototype was created entirely in the city of Los Angeles with the help of a number of talented craftsman and skilled laborers. If funding is achieved, production will continue with those woodworkers, machinists, foundry workers, bag makers and finishers who all work within independent local businesses, most of which are multigenerational family owned and operated.

In other words, it is a lot more than a SVARTÅSEN, both in quality and height. More at Plunk and on Kickstarter, found at the Sacremento Bee. I might just plunk down some money for one of these myself.

This standing desk doesn't stand still; it is as portable as your laptop
The Plunk doesn't just stand, it is a moveable feast.

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