Stair of the Week: "The Serendipity of Communication and Collaboration."

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The point of going to an office to work is to communicate with others. But for too many years we have been building our offices so that the only way to get around is by elevator. At some offices an alarm goes off if you try to use the stairs, and every separate office ends up being in a world of its own. That doesn't encourage a whole lot of inter-office communication.

In Minneapolis, SmithGroup designed some jazzy offices for law firm Bowman and Brooke, and critical to the design was a jazzy stair. Penny Broda writes in GreenSource:

"Most of the airy feeling comes from the open-riser stair that acts as a connecting spine, linking the firm's community spaces with reception and a conference center at the mid-level, a café at the lower level, and a resource library at the top. Generously sized and brightly colored, the stair anchors the space and serves as an icon for the firm's culture. The serendipity of communication and collaboration it allows creates a level of energy that transfers horizontally as well as vertically."

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The serendipity of communication and collaboration. Not to mention energy savings and healthier employees. Why doesn't every building have this? ::Greensource
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