Stair of the Week: Patrick and Family


It is from a finalist in Apartment Therapy's Small Cool 2008 Competition.


It leads up to the kids' bedroom in Patrick and family's 640 square foot West Village apartment that accommodates 2 adults, a preschooler, a baby, and a dog. Patrick writes:

"Our favorite [element] is the stairs and the cabinets beneath. The treads are eco-friendly bamboo, which plays well off the dark cork floors. The resin glows gorgeously at night with the recessed LED lights on. The cabinets look sleek but function as an ultracompact garage.

Beneath the stairs, those white squares are all doors or drawers. Suitcases, DVDs, coats, bags, printer, our "landing strip," even the TiVo and cable box are organized in them. (The electronics face the bedroom, where we have a wall mounted TV). With 2 kids, we're also glad the front of the cabinets is highly washable!"


About living in small spaces: "For us, small is about sharing our lives with one another. Living small helps us identify our priorities and stay close as a family. It requires us to evaluate what's really important in our home and find a creative way to fit it into our space..."::Apartment Therapy