Stair of the Week: Made From Skateboard Decks

skateboard deck stair photo

It was back in 1972 when Charles Jencks and Nathan Silver wrote Adhocism: The Case for Improvisation. Jencks wrote "The new strategy is latent within the do-it-yourself industry, hippie consumer tactics, and the re-use of old parts and the recycling of waste." It should be big again as we come up with creative ways to re-use things instead of just junking them. At the Roarockit Skateboard School in Toronto, they used skateboard decks to build a stairway.

skateboard stair photo

The builder says "The aluminium beam is a solid billet of aluminium and the decks were custom made with concave only on one edge. You should see the look on our students faces when they make the treck to the basement." ::Thin Air Press via ::Stair Porn

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