Stair of the Week: A Whole Website!

splyce stair photo

Stairs with integrated storage by Splyce Design/Build

Here's to the man who invented stairs
And taught our feet to soar!
He was the first who ever burst
Into a second floor.
The world would be downstairs to-day
Had he not found the key;
So let his name go down to fame,
Whatever it may be. Oliver Herford (1863-1935)

I must admit that I have become addicted to a p*rn site- Justin Anthony of Materialicious has founded Stair P*rn, an entire website that is all stairs all the time. We have covered many of them in our Stair of the Week column, but no doubt we will find a lot more here.

hotel josef stair photo

Hotel Josef, Prague, by Eva Jiricna Architects

Architects tend to bury stairs in fireproof enclosures and stick them at the end of corridors as required fire exits; in many office buildings (like TreeHugger headquarters in New York) you cannot even get into them without setting off security alarms.

hanover city hall stair photo

Hanover City Hall

That is why a well designed, attractive and easily accessible stair is so important in good green design; it is healthy for the people in the building, uses no fossil fuels and encourages interaction. See more of them at ::Stair P*rn
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