St. Olaf Regents Hall Sets Record as Largest Academic Facility to Achieve LEED Platinum

St. Olaf Regents Hall LEED Platinum certified science center photo

Image: St. Olaf Press Release

Here is an update on the largest science center ever to strive for LEED Platinum certification: They made it! The St. Olaf Regents Hall of Natural and Mathematical Sciences has been granted the highest level available from the respected Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System. St. Olaf thereby cements the record for the largest academic facility in the USA to hold the LEED Platinum status. College is a time for asking questions. Like, will students learn better in a study hall free of formaldehyde off-gassing? How much less waste do green chemical reactions create? Can sitting at a wooden table crafted from the trees which formerly grew at the site of their studies inspire students to higher achievement?

One thing is certain: students learn as much from what is done as from what is said. And to the planners and implementers of the Regents Hall of Natural and Mathematical Sciences at St. Olaf College, we say "Well done!"

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