Sparks Install Green Grass in London to Provoke Convocation


Looking down from the formal heights of The Economist offices, a green carpet invites you to come out and take a break. A lush grass installation of 40 square meters fills this little bit of London with a relaxed atmosphere and invites you to gather on its comfortable surface. 'Convocation’ calls individuals to come together without restriction. The installation, which opened yesterday, is commissioned by the Economist Group and designed by Sparks, an interdisciplinary collaboration of artists and designers based in London.
The Economist symbolises the big picture, as a commentator on the major forces that inform and direct the course of whole communities and societies. The grass symbolises the small picture, where a chance interaction between two people can be just as transformative.

So ok, the grass is artificial, not natural… but think about all the water and pesticides they save?! It is, like Marcus Willcock explains, about people connecting more with their environments and each other: an injection of green in the heart of one of London's grey-suit and grey-stone commercial contexts. In case Sparks wanted to repeat the act with real grass, here's the organic way to the perfect lawn. You can convoke until September 14th at The Economist Plaza, 10am to 6pm, 25 St. James’s Street in London. ::Sparks Thanks Marcus for the tip.

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