The Spanish Porrón- an Eco-Friendly Way to Drink Wine

I still haven’t quite mastered the art of drinking wine from a porrón but I like the concept. If you have never come across this curious drinking device from the Spanish regions of Catalonia and Aragon, imagine a glass watering can for wine! Or a bedpan when filled with white wine according to George Orwell in 'Homage to Catalonia', who clearly wasn’t a big fan of the porrón. This glass pitcher is passed around and since there is no lip-contact when drinking, it is a safe way to share wine without using glasses.

This is where it gets interesting from an eco-design point of view. If we drink from the porrón, we can save large quantities of plastic glasses (usually the way wine is served at big gatherings like festivals) or at least save many glasses from having to be transported and washed. The object in itself is made from recyclable and possibly already recycled glass.

And if on top of this you buy your wine in bulk in large reusable containers, then you will definitely have managed to lower the environmental impact of your wine drinking. And believe it or not, some traditional bars in Barcelona still serve their wine in a porrón, so I better get practicing...

The Spanish Porrón- an Eco-Friendly Way to Drink Wine
The Spanish porrón is a glass pitcher in the shape of a watering can that gets passed around at big events. That way, there is no need for plastic glasses or washing up!

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