"Space For You": Getting More with Less


Clever, efficient use of space is one of the hallmarks of TreeHugger-friendly design. Often, this involves incorporating two products in to one -- this chair/bookshelf combo is one example -- which makes lots of sense to us: why use two when you can have just one? Other times, this space/materials efficiency comes from re-imagining the way space is used in an object, opening up an area previously taken for a better use.

Such is the case with the "Space For You" concept by Lukas Koh; it gives new meaning to the notion of a "printer table" by hiding the printer underneath the table and opening up valuable tabletop space for, say, setting your coffee down. It's pretty clever: the drawers are the paper loading tray and printer output; hit the jump to see more pics and for a diagram of all the space you could be saving. ::Lukas Koh via ::Yanko Design



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