South Africa to Get First Green Development


Say what you will about the posh name -- Upper East Side-- but kudos to South African developer Swish Property Group for spearheading what will be South Africa's first green mixed-use development.

Swish, together with developers Madison and Redefine Income Fund, is building the 50,000 m² project in the city of Cape Town. It will consist of residential studios, loft apartments, office space, as well as shops. Last year we wrote about ZenKaya, an innovative Prefab outfit also out of South Africa.

Swish says one way energy will be conserved in the Upper East Side project is through the central air conditioning system. The wasted energy from the air conditioning system produces hot air, which is then captured and piped into a central hot water cylinder that heats water to a certain temperature. This means only a small amount of separate energy will be required to ensure the water that comes out of the building's water taps is hot. In conventional buildings, this hot air goes to waste.

"We need to ensure that we don't place more pressure on [electrical and sewer] systems, so we tackle the problem at the source by creating tools within the building to deal with alternative uses for waste and conservation of electricity," said Swish CEO Giancarlo Lanfranchi.::Via Business Day

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