SourceNewport to Explore How Sustainability Brings History to Life


Image credit: SourceNewport 2009

As cities struggle to develop, they are forced to balance the demands of the modern urban environment with their responsibility to the community's historic roots. Indeed, preservation is often at odds with development and adding sustainability to the mix further complicates things.

In an effort to forge a more sustainable future that reconciles the historic and the modern, the city of Newport, Rhode Island, has scheduled its Second Sustainable Development and Restoration Congress from October 21 to 23.SourceNewport 2009 is an opportunity not only for Newport's residents but for all interested in sustainable development to come together for workshops, discussions, and lectures. The goal is to "share and expand what is sustainable enterprise and profitability for business, our communities and the world."

This year, the keynote speaker will be Kathleen Kilpatrick, Virginia's director of historic resources. Also in attendance will be Woody Tasch, author of Slow Money and Elizabeth Terry who will discuss ways in which community economics are reinvigorated through the restoration of religious buildings.

If you are interested in attending SourceNewport this year, you can register through the website.

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