Sonno, The Slow Alarm Clock Lets You Sleep The Hours You Need

sonno alam clock in valencia design week

For those of you who seriously want to (or are able to) join the Slow Movement, the designers at Ham&Cheese; in Valencia have just created an alarm clock that might help you become s l o w. Sonno, a beautiful wooden device lets you sleep the hours you need to on the days you can. For that reason it has two functions: fast and slow. Check it out this week at Salon Nude during the Valencia Design Week!

Sonno by ham&cheese valencia photo

If set on 'fast', Sonno works like an ordinary alarm clock, waking you up at a given time. If set to 'slow', it will ring after the number of hours you decide to sleep, no matter what time that is. I love the simplicity of this design which reminds me a bit of the classic wooden radio by Singgih Kartono and even though I can calculate the amount of hours I want to sleep myself, this makes the whole experience so much nicer! Unfortunately Sonno is only a prototype so clock manufacturers, get it touch with Ham&Cheese;, we need more Slow Designs!

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