Son Designs A Bamboo House For Mom In Costa Rica

benjamin garcia saxe
Photos: Andres Garcia Lachner, Benjamin Garcia Saxe

It's probably the dream of every parent with an architect for a child: in a loving gesture, London-based designer Benjamin Garcia Saxe has built a new home for his mother - made out of bamboo and hidden in the jungles of Costa Rica, where she had already been living for some time in a structure she had constructed herself out of scrap wood.

Made with layers of bamboo and burlap spread over a steel framework, Saxe's bamboo house has two modules of kitchen and living area, which are connected by an inner courtyard. The open-air design retains an unobstructed flow between the spaces while encouraging natural ventilation, and is topped by two generous, protective tin roofs, which provide much-needed shade.

Andres Garcia Lachner, Benjamin Garcia Saxe

Conceived as a protected domicile that brings the forest inside, there are cross-sectioned elements of bamboo all the house, creating interesting visual patterns on the walls and on the ceiling.

Andres Garcia Lachner, Benjamin Garcia Saxe

In a touching description, Saxe reveals how the new residence keeps true to his mother's love of nature and her new-found passion of sky-gazing:

This house for my mom Helen is the culmination of a lifelong dream to construct a place where my mom, my brother, and I can be together. My mom first moved away from the city and built her own home out of tree trunks, mosquito nets and tin. She then placed her bed in a corner of this house to watch the moon as she went to bed, and told me that she remembers both my brother and I every night as she watches the moon. The new home then became reinterpretation of her old self made dwelling by providing her with a view to the moon and a very open plan that captures an internal garden whilst giving her security when she sleeps.

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