Sometimes, Less is just Less: the 250 SF Condo for $279K

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Housing in San Francisco is expensive, and one way to make units cost less is to make them smaller, particularly if there is restrictive zoning and you can get more units in the same building envelope. Now they have squeezed units down to 250 square feet, smaller than most hotel rooms. George Hauser, the architect, notes that they aren't for everyone-

"It's not the last place a person might own, but a great place to spend three to five years as a young single ... to build equity and move up," said Hauser, principal of Hauser Architects in San Francisco. "You're in a small space with great amenities and the resources of the city."

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They are nice looking units, with a teensy kitchen with two burner stove and mini-sink. No room for a bed, so they have convertibles. But hey, after dropping 279K to 330K and $270 per month on operating costs and dues, who can afford furniture?

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I love the idea of small spaces, of providing an option for young people to get their foot in the door. I love the tag line for the marketing: "It's your small piece of the big city."

I don't love the price- if $1100 per square foot is the price of entry, not very many people are going to get in. But this is a common unit size in Japan and other parts of the world, and if we are going to get more people living in cities this may be what we have to get used to. ::San Francisco Chronicle and ::CubixSF

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