Some Light Coffee Table Reading: Domus Magazine Coffee Table


Finally, something to do with all of those I.D. and Wallpaper* magazines: this coffee table is made from six magazines, a round piece of glass and metal base. Though designer Vered Zaykovsky prefers Domus magazine, we think any design or architecture magazine would be apropos. Apparently, the table uses no cutting and no glue (hmm...), instead employing clever geometrical weaving to create a stable, strong 3D structure. There's no mention of how much weight it can hold -- it might not be the place to store a priceless family heirloom, or put your feet up on -- but it's such an inspiring, artful piece that it might be enough to just have the table by itself. Sort of gives a new meaning to "coffee table reading," no? Get the big picture after the jump. ::Vered Zaykovsky via ::Yanko Design