Solar Row: Sustainable Housing In Boulder


Every time we show a "green and sustainable" house being built in the middle of nowhere or with 6,000 square feet in it, we wonder where people with normal incomes and bikes instead of cars will raise their families. Perhaps the Solar Row in Boulder, Colorado is a good example; Nine homes ranging from 1200 to 1700 square feet, Net Zero energy consumption, and lots of green features in a "mixed-use neighborhood that includes artist's lofts, neighborhood-scale retail businesses and offices, pedestrian walkways and a two-acre park."

It is built by Wonderland Hill Developments, which builds "sustainable communities based on the cohousing concepts that combine personal values, community, organic design and sustainable building practices and principles." Although we cannot tell from the website if this particular project is designed as cohousing.


Sustainable construction features:

Solar Row homes include the following as standard features:

* Photovoltaic (PV) arrays, providing solar electricity to each home
* Solar Thermal Hot Water system for:
o Domestic hot water uses such as showers/dishes
o Hydronic baseboard heat
* Super-tight Building Envelope with:
o 2x6 framing (vs. 2x4 framing) which increases insulation value of walls
o Spray foam and wet-blown cellulose insulation
o Hardiplank cement fiber board siding
* Recycled and readily renewable construction materials are standard. These include:
Bamboo flooring, Trex decking, plush recycled pop bottle carpeting, engineered floor and roof trusses
* Energy-efficient standards which include:
o Low-E windows, E-star appliances, dual-flush toilets, programmable
thermostats and more!
o Healthier homes with Low VOC interior paints

::Solar Row via ::Haute Green