Solar Powered Rain Catchment Offers Shelter and a Fresh Drink

hydroleaf solar shelter image

Image via Alternative Consumer

Here is an interesting concept for rainwater catchment. Created by Mostafa Bonakdar, a design student from Tehran, Iran, the structure is both a shelter during rain as well as a drinking fountain. It features both solar power and rainwater collection, with the solar power running a purification system inside. The structure can act as a bus shelter, a cover for benches in the park, or a number of other locations where both an awning and a bit of fresh water are welcome.

Perhaps the shelters could be temporary, installed during springtime when the weather varies enough to offer rain one day, and a warm day the next. Or it could be set up to release extra water into the ground after a certain duration in the tank -- after all, it'd take quite a bit of energy to constantly filter and sterilize the water held in the tank, which means the solar panel would have to be incredibly efficient or quite a bit larger than pictured here.

solar rain shelter image

Sure it's not exactly practical nor realistic, but it's an interesting concept nonetheless for providing several services at once with renewable energy and resources.

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