Sofa Brick — Is It A Wall, Is It A Floor, Is It A Sofa?


We're intrigued by this modular design made from cork. The Sofa Brick takes the form and pattern of a section of upholstered furniture. The clear reference to a traditional sofa morphs into something new as the brick multiplies and creates a new pattern all of its own. Also interesting is the way it forms interior landscapes which blur the lines between furniture, floor and wall. The designer Aya Koike describes the Sofa Brick as "a challenge to cancel the boundaries between people, objects, and environments which should live together and help each other." A flexible system which is multi functional and involves the consumer in the creative process, as well as being made from a sustainable material - that sounds pretty useful to us. It looks good too. The only problem is we're not sure it's available to buy yet. Via: Moco Loco ::Aya Koike