Social Condenser By Blank Studio


We like the idea of a "social condenser"; every town should have one. This one, by Blank Studio, is in Superior, Arizona, an old mining town. It is described as a " public house". The project is envisioned to be "the living room of the community; a place to congregate, socialize, view work of provincial artists and enjoy the breathtaking landscape vistas that envelop the region."


In Russian constructivist theory, social condensers are based on the premise that architecture has the ability to influence social behaviour. They are areas where there is potential to allow for otherwise disperse social communities to interact. (::WP)

Rem, in the OMA book Content, describes it more succinctly: "Programmatic layering upon vacant terrain to encourage dynamic coexistence of activities and to generate through their interference, unprecedented events."

::Blank Studios
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