Sngle Fmly Dtched 56' mstr 35,440 SF Cleveland

Seth recently said that zero was the new black, we say less is the new more, but clearly the message has not reached Cleveland, where some guy named LeBron James is building a 35,440 square foot house complete with a theater, bowling alley, casino and barber shop. Oh, and a recording studio, aquarium and a sports bar. The master suite has a two storey tall walk in closet and is forty feet wide and fifty-six feet long. According to the Akron Beacon Journal:

'A place like this does not have a ``dining room.'' It has a dining hall (roughly 27 by 27). It not only has a ``great room'' (34 by 37), but a bigger, two-story ``grand room.'' The ``family foyer'' off the six-car garage -- near the elevator -- is inconsequential compared to the ``grand foyer'' inside the front entrance, complete with a sweeping, divided staircase leading up to four second-story bedrooms.'

Most of the Akron commenters think that it just great that he has stayed in his home town, and think that he can spend his megabucks any way he wants. Many TreeHugger commenters get mad at me when I complain about rich people enjoying themselves. But surely in this day and age there is a happy medium between comfort and a house with a carbon footprint the size of Ohio. ::Akron Beacon Journal

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