Sneak Peek: Ryan Frank's New "Strata" Collection

Ryan Frank, he of the Sunday Morning chair, Zilka clothes hangers and Shanty lighting, is adding more sustainable goodness to his stable of design. To debut at TentLondon, starting September 20 in London, "Strata" is a new line of furniture partially "built from the waste wood of old, battered office desks." 60 to 70 percent of the material for Strata comes from these waste sources; the rest is FSC-certified plywood, necessary to provide structural strength. UK-based charity and social enterprise GreenWorks will help provide the waste material; about the project, the charity's design manager, Patrick Bek says, "This is a fantastic example of how salvaged materials can effectively re-enter the industry, this is exactly what we are trying to achieve with Greenworks."

The designer enjoys being able to put his own stamp and reimagine something that had a previous life, saying, "I love the fact that I am able to build a new piece of furniture which already has a history of its own." Look for Frank and his new designs at Stand A35 at TentLondon next month. ::Ryan Frank via ::New Consumer

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