Sneak Peek Photos of the West Coast Green 2008 Showhouse

west coast green harbinger showhouse photo

Luckily the suspense has been broken for a look at the West Coast Green Showhouse. While the finishing touches are still going up, the majority of the demonstration house is in place. Take a closer look at more of what this house has to offer below the fold.I spoke with Bruce Russell of SG Blocks about the source for the bulk of the structure. The house is made from six steel storage containers, modified and engineered to meet building codes. Russell calls this value-cycling – the containers have already had one useful life, but can now take on an entirely new lifecycle. Extremely safe, strong, and green, one wouldn’t even know they are standing inside steel boxes. Instead, the interior is modern, cozy and absolutely beautiful. The size is ideal for a family. The floors are recycled hickory, and other wood-covered surfaces are recycled woods.

west coast green harbinger showhouse exterior

Siding and stucco have been added to the exterior, and drywall to the interior to provide a more familiar look.

west coast green harbinger showhouse landscaping photo

Landscaping has also been added to give the full effect of what this home has to offer. Plants used include California native species and other drought tolerant species. There is also a kitchen spices garden.

west coast green showhouse harbinger photo

This kind of modular construction is exciting for a range of purposes, especially multifamily homes. SG Blocks has a number of cool projects currently underway – and will probably have a lot of new inquiries after conference goers take a peek at this stunning house.

Stay tuned - more on the showhouse and West Cost Green to come.

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