Sneak Peek: Eco-design at 100% Design


Yes it's that time of year again when London is alive with the sound of design junkies' feet stomping around the city in search of the latest and greatest in fashion, furniture, interiors and products. 100% design is the most polished and commercial show of the London Design Festival, but that doesn't mean there aren't any eco-gems to be found.

Look out for Australian designer Kent Gration's bamboo furniture in 100% futures; Derek Welsh's batch produced wood designs from Glasgow. At 100% Materials you can see the Good Life Stool made from cornstarch and hessian designed by Cemal Okten, Martin Price and Charlotte Moneypenny; 100% Detail's Low Carbon Building programme will focus on the future of the built environment; Sofar/Sonear will be back with their fair trade fabrics and rugs; SIT UP and take note – [re]design bring together a diverse and inspiring collection of sustainable seats.

Greenpeace will show their film The Convenient Solution about a decentralised energy system; and for those who need a break our favourite London eco-restaurant Acorn House will be there to refresh your taste buds. :: 100% Design, 20-23rd September, Earls Court, London. :: Wambamboo :: Derek Welsh