Smencils — Gourmet Scented Pencils


Last week, Grist Magazine turned us on to Smencils and we were intrigued from the start. These fun pencils are made from layers of 100% recycled newspapers that you can actually see when you sharpen them. The first step to making Smencils is wrapping the #2 graphite cores very tightly with the newspapers. After they harden they are soaked in environmentally-friendly fragrances and a biodegradable eraser is attached. The Smencils are individually-packaged to keep their scent, however, they are guaranteed to keep their scent for two years, in or out of the "Freshness Tube." Hmm that means we're not sure what they're for, but the tubes are made from recycled plastic. We like their tagline, "Saving trees one pencil at a time." Via ::Grist Magazine ::Smencils


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