Smartflo Rainwater Guttering

Our recent Eco-Tips on saving water has readers reaching for their personal best and there were some beauties. With Australia currently in the grip of what is being termed ‘a hundred year drought’ such discussions are now everyday conversation. It has focused attention, like never before, on household rainwater tanks. Smartflo have developed an innovative form of guttering to direct rainwater to tanks. As this blueprint image indicates, the gutter in profile has an integral cover, which is specifically curved to allow wind to blow leaves clear of the gutter. This has two immediate benefits. It eliminates 94% of debris and pollutants from rainwater. And it reduces the accumulation of leaf matter, which is a major cause of combustion in the advent of a bushfire. It's claimed to be the strongest gutter in the world, with the strategically placed central bubble allowing the collection of 200mm (7.8 inches) of rainwater per hour. ::Smartflo