Smart Concept Design Uses Waste Heat from Light Bulbs to Dry Clothes

lightbulb dryer hack image

Images by Samuel Treindl

A chief complaint about incandescent light bulbs is that they waste so much electricity through heat. But German designer Samuel Treindl came up with a way to transform the waste heat into something less, well, wasteful. While not justifying the use of incandescent light bulbs, the clever design does indeed make the most of the incandescents still in use. The pulley system creates space to hang clothing, where the heat from the light can dry them. Since heat rises, it's not like this is super efficient in maximizing the drying capacity of the waste heat. But it is simple, DIYable, and for anyone wanting to use their incandescents until the bulb burns out, it makes a cheaper solution than tossing your clothes in the dryer...if you're using the light to also see by and not just to dry clothes.

lightbulb dryer hack image

Make the most of what you have - it's a lovely green idea.

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