Smallest, Coolest Apartment Contest


We do go on about "less is more", that the key to sustainability is living with less, making fun of monster homes and playing up micro homes. In reality, in cities like London, Tokyo and New York, people live with less every day- that is why cities are so energy efficient per capita. Apartment Therapy recenty ran a competition to find the smallest and coolest apartments and they sure did. We loved the winner, David and Im's Onespace; it has so much elegance and cleverness, but really looks less like an apartment than one of our glamorous new prefabs. Tied for first is Jenny and Clove's LA'sh pad-they are working within existing parameters and had a harder time, but we could live there happily. All of them are demonstrations of the cleverness and versatility that people dig up when they have to live with less. We who do not live in such dense urban centers should learn from this- it is our future. ::Apartment Therapy